Salento beaches: Marina of Marittima


Acquaviva is the name of a small inlet in Marina di Marittima on the Adriatic Sea in the municipality of Diso. Acquaviva is a gem set among the rocks of this stretch of coastline in the Lower Salento region. Not far from the more famous Marina di Castro, this marvellous inlet encompasses all the beauty of the surrounding landscape, a naturalistic charm that manifests itself in a mixture of different colours ranging from the green of the Mediterranean maquis and the suggestive pine forest to the blue of the sea and the different shades of brown of the uninterrupted cliffs. The bay is found as if in an embrace of rocks and cliffs and is easily reached by a flight of steps that begins at the car park at the top of this enchanted place. A typical feature of this stretch of coastline that you will certainly not fail to notice is the freshness of these waters due to the presence of numerous freshwater springs present here, which make your dives full of adrenalin, freshness and pleasant sensations, especially on sultry days. Nature has really had fun designing these fabulous places, and the charm and beauty that surrounds us can be felt immediately when we get out of the car and anxiously head towards the bay, and step by step we can't wait to get down to the sea for an emotionally charged swim. The water immediately becomes high, a typical characteristic of Salento reefs, so watch out for children, the rocky seabed is ideal for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts; the place is an absolute gem and for obvious reasons now falls under the environmental protection of the Otranto - Santa Maria di Leuca Park. Spending even a single day in Acquaviva enriches your holiday but above all your spirit because of the stupendous landscape you will have in front of you and at that point you will not even find the words to describe such a spectacle of nature. Those who come for the first time never forget and sooner or later return because Acquaviva represents the pride and joy of your Salento holiday, a summer to be immortalised and kept among the most precious memories! Acquaviva -  Marina di Marittima, Salento beaches Acquaviva -  Marina di Marittima, Salento beaches