Le due Sorelle

Salento beaches: Torre dell Orso


The two Sisters are two beautiful stacks that stand imposingly in the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea and are located in front of the Torre dell'Orso beach in the Marina di Melendugno, a marina that has already been awarded the Blue Flag, the prestigious recognition that certifies the quality of its waters, and this alone should be one more reason to come and visit these enchanting places. The legend tells of two young sisters who moved from the countryside to the fragrant sea and plunged into the sea in a desperate gesture of love, disappearing into the white foamy waves. Shortly afterwards, a local fisherman noticed these tall rocks for the first time, calling them the two Sisters. But apart from this romantic tale, the place is a marvel of nature, a corner of paradise worth visiting both for its crystal-clear blue waters and for the absolute beauty of the two Sorelle, the main tourist attraction of the place, absolute sentinels of this indescribably fascinating stretch of coastline. When the sea is not too rough, one can swim to these two splendid stacks that seem to embrace each other in the deep blue of this marvellous sea, and it is quite visible on one of the two stacks the typical green of the Mediterranean maquis, a distinctive element of this fantastic land. Torre dell'Orso is a true paradise on earth, the beaches are surrounded by imposing cliffs and are located close to large pine forests and small dunes, creating a natural landscape of great respect. The fine golden sand is a typical feature of this area, a rare beauty that combined with the freshness and transparency of this inviting sea complete this enchanting landscape. These areas are true corners of unspoilt nature. Take care of them by respecting the place and trying to keep it clean to preserve its charm and absolute beauty!

Salentissimo.it: Le due Sorelle -  Torre dell Orso, Salento beaches
Salentissimo.it: Le due Sorelle -  Torre dell Orso, Salento beaches

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