Marina di Marittima - Diso

L"Arenosa is a beautiful and characteristic inlet located at Marina di Marittima, a locality that falls under the municipality of Diso, in the province of Lecce. We are in the south-eastern part of Salento and this area is characterised by impervious cliffs that mix with the characteristic Mediterranean scrub, creating unique views of the landscape. L"Arenosa is a mixture of the above. This place, like almost the entire area of Marina di Marittima, is alien and isolated from the most famous tourist resorts in Salento; here, even in the height of summer, you can breathe an air of absolute tranquillity and it is easy for rock lovers to find a secluded corner among these suggestive cliffs that masterfully design this stretch of coastline, to spread out a towel or deckchair and relax in the company of the sound of the sea while letting the sun"s rays warm you up for a perfect tan. The sea at the Arenosa is blue and crystal clear, you just have to be careful when it is a little rough, otherwise the seabed lends itself very well to snorkelling enthusiasts but also for a healthy and regenerating swim. L"Arenosa is a characteristic corner of this beautiful region that is Apulia. This stretch of coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea offers an evocative panorama and hides beautiful coves all worth visiting. Not recommended for those who do not like rocks, families with children and the elderly, I highly recommend it instead to those who want to blend in with the surrounding nature in total privacy and relaxation. Glimpses of a characteristic Salento and of a land that never ceases to amaze for the beauty of its landscape, history and culture... have a good summer at Arenosa.

Last update: 07/12/2022, Tonio Viva