Punta Ristola

Santa Maria di Leuca - Castrignano del Capo

Punta Ristola is a promontory located on the Salento coast, in the extreme south of the Apulia region, in the province of Lecce, and encloses the entire bay of Santa Maria di Leuca. Punta Ristola is characterised by a high, jagged cliff, offering a panoramic view of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas; we find ourselves along that stretch of land that the ancient Romans called de finibus terrae, where the continent ends and the blue immensity of a wonderful sea opens up. Its geographical position makes it an ideal place to admire a colourful sunset. The promontory of Punta Ristola juts out to the west, in the direction of Gallipoli, and is the first belvedere we encounter when arriving from Torre Vado. The Punta Ristola area is also known for its natural beauty and rich marine fauna, which attracts many divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. In addition, there are numerous underwater caves and tunnels that can be explored by adventure seekers. In summary, Punta Ristola is a place of great natural charm, offering spectacular views along the Leuca coastline, and a wide variety of outdoor activities.

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Santa Maria di Leuca - Castrignano del Capo

Hotel Magna Grecia

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Mimi Leuca

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