Lido Riva del Sole

Alimini - Otranto

Riva del Sole is a bathing establishment located at Laghi Alimini, a beautiful stretch of coastline on the outskirts of Otranto with expanses of soft, fine sand and a sea so transparent you can see your reflection in it. The Riva del Sole lido offers a whole range of services to make your day at the beach as comfortable as possible from all points of view; the large Caribbean-style straw beach umbrellas are all well positioned at the right distance from each other, here you can breathe in the air of a real holiday immersed in the greenery of the typical Mediterranean scrub. There is also a private area for greater comfort with your loved ones, as well as an ample snack bar for all tastes. The bar offers a range of drinks to be sipped comfortably lying on your sunbed admiring the fantastic panorama in the company of the music offered by the DJ sets that from time to time come to enliven a wonderful summer to the sound of good music. So if you are about to organise your next holiday around Otranto, the 2 Laghi bathing establishment, a lido that is by now historic in these parts, is at your complete disposal, happy holidays.

Last update: 30/01/2023, Tonio Viva

+39 0836.805261

Foto Lido Riva del Sole

Alimini - Otranto Lido Riva del Sole -  Alimini - Otranto, spiagge del Salento Lido Riva del Sole -  Alimini - Otranto, spiagge del Salento