Marina di Tiggiano

Marina di Tiggiano

Marina di Tiggiano overlooks the Adriatic Sea and borders the municipality of Corsano to the south and Marina Serra, Tricase to the north. The area is characterised by rugged cliffs, a crystal blue sea and beautiful nature trails that make Marina di Tiggiano one of the most enchanting places on the eastern coast of Salento

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Salento, Marina di Tiggiano: Tiggiano"s Marina di Tiggiano beach includes a stretch of coastline characterised by wide hilly promontories sloping directly into the waters of the Adriatic Sea, and low cliffs with inlets typical of this area that draw an area rich in charm and history. We are on the eastern coast of lower Salento, just a few kilometres from Capo di Leuca, and this stretch of coastline encompasses all its beauty, which can be seen in the typical dry-stone walls, a coastline with breathtaking views and the expanses of Mediterranean scrubland marking the typical nature of an area waiting to be discovered. Since 2006, this area has been part of the Costa Otranto - Santa Maria di Leuca e Bosco di Tricase Park, precisely to safeguard its specificity as an area rich in environmental and landscape features. For lovers of trekking, the Marina di Tiggiano offers several nature trails with small paths that lose themselves in unspoilt nature, amidst the various scents of wild shrubs that mingle with the smell of the sea breeze in a riot of emotions that are difficult to describe in simple words. Perhaps I could make an effort and find the right way to describe certain landscapes objectively and sincerely, but to get the idea of what I am writing, one needs to experience certain sensations first-hand and appreciate the beauty of these areas. This stretch of coastline is for the most part impassable, so my advice is to rent a small boat and enjoy the sea in all its complexity, allow yourself to be caressed by that light summer breeze and explore the hidden coves and small caves that characterise much of this area. The clear blue sea is ideal for snorkelling and visiting the seabed rich in fish, but taking the opportunity for a healthy swim and then drying off under the Salento sun is also a good alternative. The Salento summer offers many interesting ideas and the Tiggiano Marina Beach is a beautiful experience to live and tell... happy holidays.

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Masseria Uccio

Via Madonna di Fatima, snc, 73039 - Tricase (Le)

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