Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme is located in the eastern part of Salento between Porto Miggiano to the south and Porto Badisco, Otranto to the north. Santa Cesarea Terme is one of the seaside towns most frequented by tourists and is famous because it has a stretch of coastline affected by thermal springs.

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Riparo gli Archi

Salento, Santa Cesarea Terme: Riparo gli Archi is a stretch of coastline in Santa Cesarea Terme, in the province of Lecce, characterised by beautiful inlets that draw a marine environment rich in caves and suggestive ravines to enrich this marvellous landscape. Riparo gli Archi presents itself to our eyes as a pearl set into the cliffs, bathed by the perpetual wave motion of the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The rocks are mostly smooth so it will not be difficult to find an inviting corner, lay down your towel and gently lie down for a perfect tan in the company of the sound of the sea and that light breeze that usually blows in these parts gently massaging your body. The sea represents the real wealth of this area, blue and crystal clear it becomes deep almost immediately and lends itself willingly to those who love snorkelling and discovering the seabed so rich in life as well as admiring those characteristic plays of light that are reflected between the cracks of these reefs. For those who love diving, the Riparo gli Archi offers different stations from which to try out that very special thrill of a plunge into these cool waters accompanied by a rush of adrenalin that makes your holiday even more exciting. From here you can breathe an air of absolute relaxation, emotions are guaranteed and everything immediately takes on the contours of a beautiful Salento summer. Riparo degli Archi is easy to reach, as it is located along the coast road that leads from Santa Cesarea Terme to Porto Badisco; parking is not a problem and is easy to find, at least if you are not at peak hours in the middle of summer. For the rest... thermal bag full, rock shoes on and enjoy your well-deserved day at the beach... have a good summer at Riparo degli Archi in Santa Cesarea Terme.

Salento beaches
Grotta Bagno Marino

Salento, Santa Cesarea Terme: The Grotta Bagno Marino is a characteristic sea cave located on the south-eastern coastline of Salento, part of Santa Cesarea Terme, in the province of Lecce. Bathed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea, this suggestive cave has an opening in the shape of a round arch and a small natural platform marking the entrance. The Bagno Marino Cave represents one of the many attractions of Santa Cesarea Terme. This beautiful stretch of coastline offers a wide choice in the landscape of the area as the beautiful inlets so rich in small and large caves, combined with the cool transparency of these waters all to be discovered, offer the right point of convergence for a holiday dedicated to the sea, relaxation and enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscape. The Grotta Bagno Marino can be easily reached by swimming; the water becomes deep after a few strokes and is ideal for snorkelling and discovering the beautiful seabed. For those who love diving, the reef offers different stations from which to try their hand, or if you like a quiet holiday, it will not be difficult to find a quiet corner where you can lay out your towel and let the sun warm you up for a perfect tan. Enclosing the Grotta Bagno Marino and especially Santa Cesarea Terme in a description of just a few lines does not give a good idea of the place you are in. Experiencing these places first hand, perhaps renting a small boat while cuddled by the wind, with the almost relaxing sound of the outboard motor, you continue to discover the stretch of coastline, is a sensation that charges our day at the sea with emotions that are hard to forget. This is the Salento, with its charm, its magic, natural beauty such as the Grotta Bagno Marino and a unique landscape such as Santa Cesarea Terme... have a good summer.

Salento beaches
Torre Minervino

Salento, Santa Cesarea Terme: Between Santa Cesarea Terme and Porto Badisco in Terrarossa stands Torre Minervino, an enchanting place far from the daily routine, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, just you and nature, a place where it is pleasant to lose oneself in search of the strong emotions and pleasant sensations that only a landscape of this beauty can give us. Torre Minervino is part of the complex watchtower system erected along the Salento coast during the 16th century following the constant raids by Saracen pirates. The tower communicated to the south with the Torre di Porto Badisco and to the north with Torre Specchia di Guardia, and Torre Minervino"s position was fundamental as its post could glimpse the horizon as far as Punta Palascia, the easternmost part of Italy. In its appearance, the Minervino Tower has a conical structure with a small kerb to mark the end of it; from the light colour of the ashlars, it appears to have been recently restored; Beyond the architectural aspect, this place truly offers an evocative meeting point between the beauty of the surrounding landscape and historical references that mark a land of a thousand histories. From here we can breathe an air of relaxation and peace with ourselves, perceiving the scents of the surrounding nature and admiring a panorama of absolute amazement will fully repay the decision to stop even for a moment to contemplate the beauty of this tower. Vibrant sensations and a longing for a holiday at Torre Minervino... have a good summer.

Cala Porticciolo

Salento, Santa Cesarea Terme: Cala Porticciolo is a stretch of coastline located in Via Fontanelle in Santa Cesarea Terme in the province of Lecce; we are on the south-eastern side of Salento, and this corner of paradise, bathed by the perennial swell of the Adriatic Sea, is a real gem for lovers of tranquillity and privacy seeking a place far from the hustle and bustle of super-crowded beaches. Cala Porticciolo seems as if lost in time, its special location combined with the clarity of this beautiful sea guaranteeing the right amount of beauty and relaxation, ready to enjoy a well-deserved day at the beach in the company of the surrounding landscape. The geometric shapes of the cliffs frame real natural open-air pools, so it will not be difficult to choose a quiet corner, spread your towel and relax in the company of your favourite book. In these parts, the sea is a source of wealth and well-being, and Cala Porticciolo is the main demonstration of this, highlighting that balance between man and nature that sometimes (but not always) produce effects worthy of merit. This place conveys emotions that cannot be described in a brief description, but to experience them first-hand is the advice I would give. The water at the beginning maintains a fair depth, making it ideal for families with children. The seabed lends itself happily to snorkelling and exploring the characteristic inlets surrounding Cala Porticciolo. Access to Cala Porticciolo is via a stone staircase that descends between the various crevices of the cliff. At one time this place was perhaps a tuff quarry, hence the masterful cuts in the various rocky walls; today Cala Porticciolo has been fully restored to the sea and to all those who wish to take advantage of it to enjoy the wonders that this area offers free of charge. Happy summer from Santa Cesarea Terme.

Cala Fontanelle

Salento, Santa Cesarea Terme: Along that evocative stretch of coastline made up of cliffs with such unusual geometric shapes, full of inlets and sea caves, with a clear blue sea as a frame that characterises and makes Santa Cesarea Terme shine brightly, we find Cala Fontanelle. We are in the deep south of the famous Heel of Italy, a land that never ceases to amaze and amaze any traveller who decides to cross the length and breadth of this fascinating territory. Cala Fontanelle is a name like any other, it means nothing and can perhaps be easily forgotten, but this is not the case if you decide to come to this place even if only for a few hours, because at that point you will be swallowed up by the timeless beauty of this characteristic landscape, and then it will be truly difficult to forget the name of Cala Fontanelle. Cala Fontanelle is accessed via stone steps that descend along the cliff and down to the sea, at which point you will be spoilt for choice in finding a place to spread out your towel and relax in the company of the sound of the sea (or rusciu if you prefer, as the people of Salento call it), while the sun slowly begins to pinch you for a perfect tan. The sea soon becomes deep and the seabed is ideal for snorkelling and exploring this beautiful bay. For those who love diving, Cala Fontanelle represents that perfect meeting point, as there are several stations from which to try your hand at the thrill of being suddenly catapulted into these cool waters. The place remains uncrowded even in the height of summer, which makes it perhaps even more fascinating as one can enjoy the surrounding landscape in peace and quiet. Cala Fontanelle is recommended for those who love rocks, relaxation, diving, and a seabed full of life. It is not recommended for those who love the beach and the comforts of an equipped lido, those who prefer music on the beach with group dances, and all those who love crowded places. For the rest, the Salento is beautiful because its coastline and territory offer a wide range of solutions... so have a good holiday at Cala Fontanelle.

Torre Specchia La Guardia

Salento, Santa Cesarea Terme: Torre Specchia la Guardia stands in the locality of Mastefina in Santa Cesarea Terme in the province of Lecce. Torre Specchia la Guardia is a coastal watchtower built in the 16th century to defend the Salento territory from the continuous raids of the Saracen pirates that raged the coasts of Salento in those years. Torre Specchia la Guardi communicated to the north with Torre Minervino and to the south with Torre Santa Cesarea; today the tower is reduced to little more than a ruin and what remains stands out from the top of a promontory that is difficult to reach, completely swallowed up by the green Mediterranean scrub. Torre Specchia la Grande had the same shape as the other sister towers of Torre Minervino and Torre Santa Cesarea (so much so that they were enclosed in the same class as the Otranto series), i.e. circular in shape with a small curb delimiting the end and with an overall diameter of about 8 metres. Torre Specchia la Guardia represents the history of an area rich in culture and traditions, and even if its state is in a state of semi-deterioration, it certainly does not diminish the symbol and value of a historical testimony that is always worth mentioning and visiting... happy holidays from Santa Cesarea Terme.

Torre Santa Cesarea

Salento, Santa Cesarea Terme: Torre Santa Cesarea is located in the town of Santa Cesarea Terme in the province of Lecce. We are on the south-eastern side of the Salento along that stretch of coast characterised by wide cliffs washed by the Adriatic Sea, and Torre Santa Cesarea rises from the top of a hill immersed in the green of a pine forest about 300 metres from the sea. This tower is part of the complex defence and sighting system erected in the mid-16th century along the entire Salento coast to cope with the continuous incursions of Saracen pirates who raged through this territory in those years. Torre Santa Cesarea has a circular shape with a height of 8 metres and has recently been restored. It communicated to the north with Torre Specchia Grande and to the south with Torre Miggiano; today Torre Santa Cesarea, for those wishing to visit it, is located inside the Cala dei Balcani restaurant and is privately owned. From the top of this beautiful promontory you can enjoy a respectable panorama as well as smell the scents of the surrounding nature, the peace and tranquillity that reign undisputed combine with the architectural sense of this beautiful historical testimony that has practically merged with the surrounding landscape to become a single block. Positive sensations accompanied by a faint, warm breeze that usually blows in these parts... Happy summer from the Tower of Santa Cesarea.

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