Spiaggia Baia Verde


A few kilometres south of Gallipoli, amidst wide stretches of beach with fine white sand, a sea that is coloured in different shades that change according to the different times of the day, ranging from blue, to green, to crystal blue, with a transparency of the water that can be mirrored in the mirror, we find Baia Verde Beach. This stretch of coastline is a veritable corner of paradise, and it is difficult to explain in simple words all the sensations and emotions that these places can transmit; the water is all in all shallow, so let your children play in peace, the beach is very crowded in the height of summer and is frequented by both families and groups of young people looking for a place on the beach to spend moments of relaxation and fun. It may be a little difficult to find parking in the high season, but it is worth stopping and enjoying these fascinating and wild-looking places, which in the not too distant past were not very well known to most people, and today, with the advent of mass tourism, are completely overrun in the height of summer. The sun burns brightly, so all you have to do is lay down your towel and enjoy the coolness of these waters, relax and be gently massaged by the waves. Here the summer is a continuous bustle of emotions, and I recommend you stay until the evening to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets you can ever remember; as for services, if you walk around a bit, you will find several lidos and establishments with bars and restaurants in tow, even though the centre of Gallipoli is about 3 kilometres away. We are in Gallipoli, in the heart of Salento, a land waiting to be discovered... happy holidays at the Baia Verde beach!

Last update: 29/09/2022, Tonio Viva

Foto Spiaggia Baia Verde


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Maison D'Enri

Corso Italia 136, 73014 Gallipoli (Le)
+39 0833 82 21 76 - +39 335 53 90 553

Fra'iMari Bed & Breakfast

Corso Roma, 211, 73014 Gallipoli (Le)
+39 346 641 7494

Ristorante La Vinaigrette

Riviera Armando Diaz 75, Gallipoli LE
(+39) 0833 264501

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