Spiaggia di Porto Badisco

Porto Badisco - Otranto

The Porto Badisco beach is a small beach that rises within an inlet in a stretch of coastline characteristic for its numerous ravines and jagged cliffs a few kilometres from Otranto. It is said that Aeneas landed on this Salento bay after a long voyage following the destruction of Troy. Myths and suggestions aside, this place is a true wonder of nature, the beach of Porto Badisco is in fact surrounded by two promontories and is perfectly set in that mix of Mediterranean scrub and native vegetation. Spending a day on this fabulous stretch of coastline will fully repay the effort of reaching it. The sea is a crystal-clear blue to be envied, letting yourself be massaged by the coolness of these waters is a pleasure that cannot be described, the rich seabed is also ideal for snorkelling or even simply for a healthy swim. The inlet of Porto Badisco is a fascinating landscape waiting to be discovered, the sensations are a mixture of strong emotions thanks to the beauty of the surrounding area and you can immediately smell the typical scent of the vegetation that surrounds us. It will not be difficult for you to find an inviting rock where you can relax, spread out your towel, perhaps with your favourite book, and take advantage and enjoy these magnificent places and occasionally take a dip in these cool, transparent waters. The small but enchanting beach of Porto Badisco is quite visited by the many tourists who flock to this part of Salento every summer in search of moments of relaxation and light-heartedness. For those who love hiking and trekking, the area offers several routes to be in close contact with nature and admire the beauty of this place. The presence of numerous caves among the rocks that characterise this area make this splendid landscape even more precious. One of them is the Grotta dei Cervi, unfortunately closed to visits to safeguard the important paintings on the walls that have been preserved over the millennia and are among the most important archaeological discoveries of recent times. This place remains a corner of paradise thanks to its colours and the beauty that nature offers us, this is the magic of Porto Badisco... this is Salento!

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Foto Spiaggia di Porto Badisco

Porto Badisco - Otranto

Salentissimo.it: Spiaggia di Porto Badisco -  Porto Badisco - Otranto, spiagge del Salento
Salentissimo.it: Spiaggia di Porto Badisco -  Porto Badisco - Otranto, spiagge del Salento

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Porto Badisco - Otranto

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