Baia della Pastiddhuzza

Conca Specchiulla - Melendugno

The Baia della Pastiddhuzza is a beautiful natural inlet surrounded by the greenery of the typical Mediterranean scrub that grows wild in almost the entire area concerned, almost marking a specific identity of the entire surrounding environment. The scents of myrtle, thyme and other wild plants typical of the area characterize the various nature trails along this charming stretch of coastline. Here uncontaminated nature has stopped time, walking through the pine forest to reach the sea establishes a symbiosis with nature that is difficult to explain in words; even in the height of summer when the best-known beaches of the Adriatic coast are populated with people and various animations in tow with music and group dancing in the water, there are some characteristic coves with a clear blue sea and stretches of beaches with soft white sand that are alien to classic tourist standards and retain that wild and solitary aspect ideal for those seeking peace and relaxation. Well, the Baia della Pastiddhuzza is just what has just been described, here the surrounding environment alternates stretches of beach with high dunes colored by the green vegetation and stretches of easily practicable cliffs; the sea for some points maintains a fairly shallow depth and lends itself wonderfully to those who love snorkeling so as to go on a discovery of the beautiful seabed. Once you arrive at Baia della Pastiddhuzza, all you need to do is locate a quiet place where you can spread your towel and enjoy a wonderful and well-deserved day at the beach under the warm Salento sun. This is an enchanting corner where even our cell phone is superfluous if only to take a few photos as a reminder of a wonderful vacation, have a great summer from Baia della Pastiddhuzza.

Last Updated: 08/02/2023, Tonio Viva

Foto Baia della Pastiddhuzza

Conca Specchiulla - Melendugno Baia della Pastiddhuzza -  Conca Specchiulla - Melendugno, spiagge del Salento Baia della Pastiddhuzza -  Conca Specchiulla - Melendugno, spiagge del Salento