Cala Casotto

Baia delle Orte - Otranto

Cala Casotto is located in the town of Otranto in Baia delle Orte, in the province of Lecce. Not far from the Laghetto di Bauxite we find this characteristic cove surrounded by rocks that often change shades of color and range from limestone white to opaque black. All around there is a riot of colors, from the green of the typical Mediterranean scrub to the blue of a fantastic sea and interrupted stretches of pine forest; this stretch of coast conveys to the traveler all the wild and lonely aspect that characterizes precisely Cala Casotto. This corner of paradise is light years away from all that summer hustle and bustle of crowded beaches with loud music and the sea full of people; if you love the hustle and bustle and the comforts of a fully equipped and full comfort lido then you can also avoid visiting Cala Casotto, here even your cell phone is superfluous and if only for the always beautiful photos to post on various social networks and share with friends it would be better to leave it in the car. At Cala Casotto the hands of the clock have stopped in a time now lost where nature has taken over from man shaping in this way, to his liking one of the most enchanting places that Salento has to offer. Now honey lines aside, which can certainly seem biased, this place must be experienced in all its complexity to fully savor the sensations it manages to convey. Don"t forget your rock shoes, after which once you arrive at the small cove all you have to do is find an inviting corner on which to spread your towel and take advantage of a perfect tan; the sea becomes deep after a few strokes and lends itself greatly to those who love snorkeling so as to go on a discovery of these evocative and luminous seabeds. Vibrant sensations and summer pleasure for our body good vacations from Cala Casotto.

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Foto Cala Casotto

Baia delle Orte - Otranto Cala Casotto -  Baia delle Orte - Otranto, spiagge del Salento Cala Casotto -  Baia delle Orte - Otranto, spiagge del Salento