Caverna delle Ossa

Santa Maria di Leuca - Castrignano del Capo

The sea caves of Leuca are a complex of karst caves located along the Salento coast in the southernmost part of Puglia, in the province of Lecce. These caves are famous for their beauty and uniqueness, thanks to the spectacular rock formations and rich marine fauna that inhabit them. The caves of Leuca were formed by the action of the sea on the limestone rock, creating a series of caverns, ravines and underwater tunnels. Many of these caves are accessible only from the sea, and their exploration is possible only by boat or rubber dinghy. Among the most famous caves in Leuca the Caverna delle Ossa, located on the promontory of Punta Ristola, represents a typical example of a sea cavity.Circular in shape, this evocative cave is accessible only from the sea, and fossils of various animal species have been found inside. The sea reflects a crystal clear blue and soon becomes deep; the rich seabed is ideal for those who love snorkeling or for a simple regenerating swim. Ideally, it would be best to rent a small boat so as to explore the various ravines along this stretch of coastline and discover the most interesting coves in this way. Many greetings from the Caverna delle Ossa in Santa Maria di Leuca.

Last Updated: 24/03/2023, Tonio Viva