Grotte di Terradico

Santa Maria di Leuca - Castrignano del Capo

The Caves of Santa Maria di Leuca are a series of sea caves located along the coast of Salento, in the deep south of Italy, in the province of Lecce. These beautiful manifestations of Mother Nature are famous for their walls of white-colored limestone rock that frame the crystal blue of a crystal clear sea; taking advantage for a refreshing swim in these wonderful waters especially when the sea is calm, increases well-being and physical pleasure on hot summer days. Some of Santa Maria di Leuca"s caves are accessible only by sea and can be visited thanks to the various locally organized boat excursions. There are many caves to visit, each with its own unique characteristics; Grotta Terradico for example, among the first ones visible from the perspective of the sea on the Levante side, owes its name to a curious and ancient sailor"s saying namely Terra Vedo and Terra Dico, which in a contracted form precisely formulates the word Terradico. The cave is also called Terradico Fissure because of its characteristic tent-shaped entrance, masterfully designed over time by the constant and enduring action of sea waves. These narrow fissures open up to a complex of three caves of varying sizes; the total height of the cavities is about 35 meters, and the light show that is reproduced through the walls reflecting the different mineral formations rich in calcium salts create fascinating shades of color to which the emerald green of a beautiful sea is a counterpoint. Many greetings from Santa Maria di Leuca.

Last Updated: 27/03/2023, Tonio Viva