Gallipoli a popular destination for tourists from all over Italy is one of the pivotal towns of Salento its marina stretches from Lido Conchiglie, Sannicola through Rivabella to Punta della Suina and Torre del Pizzo. Gallipoli"s marina faces the Ionian Sea and has a breathtaking coastline with wide stretches of golden sand.

6 spiagge di Gallipoli

beaches of Salento
Spiaggia della Puritate

Salento, Gallipoli: The Spiaggia della Puritate (or the Beach of the Puritate) is a free beach located in Gallipoli in the center of town, close to the historic center emblem of a city of a thousand riches, right next to the high bastions. The soft golden sand and the sea, for long stretches shallow, clear and transparent make the Puritate Beach an ideal stretch of coastline for families with children but also for young people looking for a quiet corner to cool off from the summer heat. The beach is mostly frequented by locals precisely because of its convenience of being within walking distance. Being in the center of town, it will not be difficult to find a nearby bar to cool off and refresh oneself. It is a stretch of beach with a charm all its own as it develops near the bustling and characteristic port, the vital hub of a city rich in colors and traditions. If you come to Gallipoli, I recommend a fixed stop at the Puritate!

beaches of Salento
Grotta del Diavolo

Salento, Gallipoli: Grotta del Diavolo is a stretch of coastline characterized by reefs and develops into a small inlet embedded like a pearl in the urban center of Gallipoli. It is a corner of paradise, the sea is transparent and crystal clear, for long shallow stretches the seabed alternates with sand mixed with rocks, ideal however for snorkeling; quite frequented in summer both by the many tourists who pour in from the city as well as by local young people looking for a corner to cool off, the Devil"s Cave is an enchanting and at the same time fascinating place, the stretch of sea is protected from the waves and the water always maintains that blue color typical of Salento"s cliffs. Be careful of the slippery rocks, we try to keep clean when we leave the place is an oasis to be protected.

beaches of Salento
Piccolo Lido

Salento, Gallipoli: Piccolo Lido is a bathing establishment located on the Lungomare Galileo Galilei in Gallipoli. The lido is developed on a stretch of fine white sand, the crystal blue sea is for long stretches quite shallow and completes the setting of this enchanting place. Piccolo Lido is equipped to make your vacation as comfortable as possible; in addition to sunbeds, umbrellas, deckchairs, showers, ample parking and WiFi, the lido also has a disabled service with a special chair to comfortably reach the cool, transparent sea. Piccolo Lido"s bar also offers tasty drinks to enjoy by the sea and the restaurant is there waiting for you for your romantic dinners by the sea with seafood dishes...not to be missed... Piccolo Lido.

beaches of Salento
Lido San Giovanni

Salento, Gallipoli: Lido San Giovanni is a historic bathing establishment in Gallipoli. Located on the Gallipoli seafront, Lido San Giovanni was born on a stretch of coast characterized by fine white sand and the clear, clean sea. The bathing establishment offers several services to make your vacation rich in all respects: umbrellas, deckchairs, sunbeds, showers, several cabins/changing rooms, a large parking lot and WiFi.The facility also has two bars to refresh its guests with cool drinks to enjoy perhaps lying on a sunbed in front of a wonderful sunset, as well as a restaurant and pizzeria service with a wood-burning oven for lunch in the company of friends and beautiful people. If you are passing through Gallipoli stop by Lido San Giovanni...have a great summer!

beaches of Salento
Spiaggia Lungomare Gallipoli

Salento, Gallipoli: The Lungomare Gallipoli Beach is a stretch of free beach that originates precisely on the promenade of the same name. Not far from the town center this stretch of beach develops on a tongue of golden sand mixed with several rocks, the sea maintains its characteristic blue and crystal clear color and the seabed is for long stretches low ideal for families with children. The beach is quite well known and frequented in peak season especially by locals, but several tourists, especially among young people, have also begun to frequent this irresistibly attractive stretch of coastline in recent years. The stretch of beach is surrounded by several facilities that offer bar service to refresh your days, the parking lot is paid do not forget to make the ticket if you come by car. Once you get around here it is still worth visiting this beach and cooling off in these gentle waters, this is the Salento summer, this is Gallipoli.

Spiaggia Baia Verde

Salento, Gallipoli: A few kilometers south of Gallipoli among wide expanses of beach with fine white sand, a sea that is colored with different shades that change according to the different hours of the day and ranging from blue, green to crystal blue, with a transparency of the water that can be mirrored we find Baia Verde Beach. This stretch of coast is a real corner of paradise, it is difficult to explain in simple words all the feelings and emotions that these places can transmit; the water is all in all shallow so let your children play in peace, the beach is very crowded in the middle of summer and is frequented by both families and groups of young people looking for a place on the beach to spend moments of relaxation and fun. Perhaps a bit difficult to find parking in high season but it is worth stopping and enjoying these places so full of charm and with a somewhat wild appearance that once not so long ago were not very well known to most and today with the advent of mass tourism are completely taken by storm in the middle of summer. The sun burns hard so all that remains is to spread your towel and take advantage of the coolness of these waters, relax and be gently massaged by the waves of the sea. Here the summer is a continuous bustle of excitement, I recommend you stay until the evening to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets you can ever remember; as far as services are concerned, walking a bit around you will find several lidos and establishments with bars and restaurants in tow for as far as the center of Gallipoli is about 3 kilometers away. We are in Gallipoli, in the heart of Salento, a land waiting to be discovered...have a great vacation at Baia Verde Beach!

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