Punta della Suina - Gallipoli

Punta della Suina - Gallipoli

Punta della Suina belongs to Gallipoli Marina, overlooking the Ionian coast on the western side of Salento. Punta della Suina is part of the Regional Natural Park Isola di Sant"Andrea e Litorale di Punta del Pizzo and its wildlife landscape includes hiking trails, beaches and cliffs. To the north is the Gallipoli Riviera while to the south is the marina of Mancaversa, Taviano.

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Spiaggia degli Innamorati

Salento, Punta della Suina - Gallipoli: Rolling South sang a famous song a few years ago, and so as we travel south, with the hot summer wind massaging our emotions, a few kilometers after Gallipoli on the coast road leading to Santa Maria di Leuca we find the Spiaggia degli Innamorati. This stretch of coastline has been kissed by nature with its expanses of fine white sand, small dunes that mingle with the green vegetation typical of the Mediterranean maquis and a sea that changes different colors according to the hours of the day; all this magic and these glimpses of a landscape that Puglia so generously offers us represent the pride of this stretch of free beach. The Spiaggia degli Innamorati, also known as Li Foggi beach, is located within the Regional Natural Park of Sant"Andrea Island and Punta Pizzo coastline and is an enchanted place, a bit wild and lonely and perhaps for this reason in the common imagination of the locals it would have been given the name Spiaggia degli Innamorati because of the intimacy and privacy that this place conveys, the ideal place for couples in search of tranquility. The beach is quite busy in midsummer both with families looking for a quiet corner with children in tow and with groups of young people who decide to stop and spend a fun-filled day at the beach. The place has low cliffs mixed with white and soft sand, the sea is all in all shallow for long stretches and the water is cool and transparent; this place is a real corner of paradise suitable both for those who like to go hiking within the wide pine forests full of nature trails, and for those who like to snorkel taking advantage of a seabed all to be discovered. The beach is a bit isolated and lonely characteristics that denote all the charm and beauty of the place so forget about any kind of service; if you come to visit the Spiaggia degli Innamorati, as I strongly recommend, bring everything you need for a day at the beach, stay until the evening to admire one of the most evocative sunsets of the whole Salento after which finished the day we respect this wonderful environment and bring back with us the garbage bags. This is a magical landscape...this is Salento.... have a good summer at the Spiaggia degli Innamorati

beaches of Salento
G Beach

Salento, Punta della Suina - Gallipoli: The G Beach is a bathing establishment located in Punta della Suina, just south of Gallipoli, and stands on a stretch of coastline characteristic for its white and golden sand, green pine forests and crystal clear blue sea. Nestled in a wonderful landscape among the expanses of Mediterranean scrub mixed with low cliffs, this facility is a perfect combination for those seeking quiet and relaxing corners and enjoying the surroundings in the company of beautiful people with good music and the right atmosphere. The lido is developed on more wooden platforms placed in front of a wonderful sea and has not only the classic umbrellas and sunbeds placed at the right distance from each other, but also 6 solarium areas, a panoramic terrace with the restaurant and the area reserved for the bar. The environment is cute and very refined in the attention to small details that make this place ideal for a quiet day at the beach in good taste; the facility also offers the wedding package for newlyweds who intend to spend the most beautiful day of their lives among one of the most fascinating corners of Salento. The lido offers several locations both for those who love the beach and for those who wish to enter the water from the rocks, and also performs towel rental service for the careless who usually forget their towel at home. The restaurant offers a wide selection of Mediterranean and international cuisine, and the bar offers a range of cocktails to choose from to enjoy comfortably by the sea, perhaps in front of a beautiful sunset. This is the summer of Salento, this is Punta della Suina"s G Beach ... happy vacations.

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