San Foca - Melendugno

San Foca - Melendugno

San Foca is a marina forming part of the municipality of Melendugno, in the province of Lecce. Positioned between Roca Vecchia and Torre Specchia Ruggeri, San Foca faces the Adriatic Sea to the east of Salento. This beautiful marina is characterized by stretches of sand alternating with cliffs. A place you absolutely must visit!

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beaches of Salento
Spiaggia degli Aranci

Salento, San Foca - Melendugno: Immersed in the genuine greenery of the Mediterranean maquis with a small stretch of beach with soft, white sand and prevalence of easily practicable rocks here is the Spiaggia degli Aranci (Orange Beach), a stretch of free beach located in San Foca, on the eastern side of the Salento coast a few kilometers from Lecce. This glimpse of Apulia is a real corner of paradise, the beach fills up with tourists and vacationers in the middle of the summer as it is centrally located in San Foca and the sea, blue and crystal clear, for long stretches maintains an all in all shallow depth making it ideal for families with children. Being in the center of town it will not be difficult to find a nearby bar to cool off from the summer heat, moreover near the Spiaggia degli Aranci there is also a very well equipped lido. Certainly the name evokes something fresh and green like the nature that surrounds this beautiful stretch of coastline but especially the quality of the waters that can be appreciated, so transparent, when the sea is calm and quiet. Relaxing environment, many families and groups of young people who decide to spend a quiet day at the beach under the warm Salento sun for a perfect tan. So if by chance you are planning your next vacation around San Foca and well feel free to drop in for a few pleasant hours at Spiaggia degli Aranci, have a great summer.

beaches of Salento
Spiaggia dei Brigantini

Salento, San Foca - Melendugno: The Spiaggia dei Brigantini is a fabulous stretch of coastline located in San Foca, a marina in the municipality of Melendugno in the province of Lecce, which has been honored in the past with the prestigious European Blue Flags award for water quality and environmental sustainability. Spiaggia dei Brigantini fits fully into this naturalistic context being surrounded by the green of the typical Mediterranean scrub that grows wild almost everywhere and by the high cliffs that fall sheer to the sea. The small sandy stretch that characterizes this place fills up with tourists in the middle of summer, the sea is full of smooth stones at the beginning but in return it maintains a clarity and freshness that is a pleasure; Brigantini Beach is a small corner of paradise under the landscape aspect, if you come to visit this place just bring the bare essentials to enjoy a relaxing and well-deserved day at the beach. So once you arrive, it won"t be difficult to locate a spot where you can spread out your towel, open a cool drink and take advantage of a sun that beats down hard in the middle of summer for a perfect tan to perhaps make your colleagues who stayed in town envious once you get back to work. Salento never ceases to amaze, this stretch of coast bathed by the wonderful waters of the Adriatic Sea presents a thousand resources always ready to surprise you with emotions such as the famous stacks of the Two Sisters, expanses of soft golden sand but above all a Salento summer all to be framed, many greetings from the Brigantini Beach in San Foca.

beaches of Salento
Spiaggia delle Isole Asce

Salento, San Foca - Melendugno: The Asce Islands Beach is a fabulous stretch of free beach located in San Foca, a small marina in the municipality of Melendugno on the eastern side of the Salento peninsula, washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea. This stretch of coastline presents typical characteristics of a naturalistic beach immersed in the green Mediterranean scrub that grows wild in these parts almost everywhere, almost marking the typicality of the surrounding area. The Spiaggia delle Isole Asce (Beach of the Asce Islands) presents some points in which the low cliffs stand out, easily practicable just by equipping yourself with rock shoes; the water is of an impressive clarity and even during the summer heat taking a bath in these beautiful waters is a regenerating cure-all as some freshwater springs present in this place determine an unusual freshness. The place is characterized by its wild and lonely nature and perhaps this aspect distinguishes its beauty and is much appreciated by the many tourists who every summer decide to drop by the Asce Islands Beach to spend a few hours of relaxation and carefree. The sea is shallow at the beginning and is ideal for families with children; for snorkeling enthusiasts, the beautiful seabed lends itself wonderfully to be visited with the beautiful play of light that is created between the various crevices of the reefs. The beach can be accessed directly from the provincial road through a thick area of scrub the only drawback is the parking lot not exactly convenient to find if you are in high season, for the rest good vacations from San Foca.

Spiaggia Delle Fontanelle

Salento, San Foca - Melendugno: Fontanelle Beach is located in San Foca along a stretch of coastline washed by the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most beautiful and interesting free beaches in the area. Surrounded by the green Mediterranean scrub, in a naturalistic environment of all respect, the Fontanelle Beach is a popular destination every summer for hundreds of tourists and vacationers, who seek moments of relaxation at this beautiful bay characterized by fine white sand and a crystal clear blue sea; the sea is shallow for long stretches and is ideal for families with children, in addition, the beach is located close to the city center so it will not be difficult to locate a bar or a market to refresh themselves from the summer heat. The beach is nice, the environment quiet, many families and groups of young people who take advantage of it to take a bath of blue in these beautiful waters and enjoy a wonderful day at the beach. Near Fontanelle Beach you can find a paid parking lot where you can leave your car, and once you arrive at this postcard-perfect place all you have to do is spread your towel, plant your umbrella and relax with your favorite magazine. Sometimes we look for the happiness of a vacation in remote, distant and expensive places when instead looking around a little bit we can touch a reality absolutely suitable and comfortable to our needs, many greetings from Fontanelle Beach in San Foca.

Torre San Foca

Salento, San Foca - Melendugno:

Terrazza Io Posso

Salento, San Foca - Melendugno: The Terrazza Io Posso is located in San Foca on the Matteotti Promenade and lies along a beautiful stretch of coastline that features a clear blue sea as well as stretches of soft, golden beach. La Terrazza Io Posso is a lido dedicated to people with disabilities; the highly qualified staff offers to break down any kind of architectural barrier allowing the pleasures of a nice regenerating bath to people with disabilities. La Terrazza Io Posso has disabled bathrooms with hot and cold showers, umbrellas and sunbeds with job and solemare chairs that allow easy access to the sea, but above all the courtesy and helpfulness of the operators who are the real heartbeat of the entire facility.

Spiaggia di Punta Cassano

Salento, San Foca - Melendugno: Punta Cassano Beach is a stretch of free beach that lies on the border between San Foca and Torre Specchia Ruggeri, on the Adriatic coast of Salento, and is part of the municipality of Melendugno; these marinas have been awarded several times with the prestigious Blue Flags award for the undisputed quality of the crystal-clear waters and for the entire surrounding area that features stretches of soft white beach that mingle with the green of the typical Mediterranean scrub. Punta Cassano Beach does not shy away from all these wonders; on the contrary, the beach presents itself in a wild and solitary guise, very few or completely absent kiosks bars or lidos of any kind, the entire coastline alternates stretches of cliffs with tongues of very fine sand ideal for spreading your towel and being warmed by the hot Salento sun for a perfect tan. Punta Cassano Beach turns out to be uncrowded even in high season, and this aspect is essential for those who do not like crowded and noisy beaches with loud music and instead seek out the most remote corners to enjoy well-deserved relaxation. The environment is fairy-tale, it feels like being on a desert island, lots of greenery and a sea so transparent that you can see your reflection in it; the water is shallow for long stretches so it is ideal for families with children, the beach is accessible to all and has no specific difficulties. Corners of a landscape lost in time and priceless natural beauty, welcome to Salento.

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