Torre Suda

Torre Suda - Racale

Torre Suda is a 16th-century tower that stands in the locality of the same name that is part of the municipality of Racale, in the province of Lecce. This tower is part of the complex defense and watchtower system built during the 16th century along the entire coast of Salento to cope with the continuous incursions of the Turkish pirates who raged the coasts in those years. Torre Suda communicated to the south with Torre Sinfonò while to the north with Torre del Pizzo; today the tower is completely restored and is managed by the municipality of Racale, which uses it for events and exhibitions. Torre Suda has a circular base shape and is divided by two curbs that determine its central and final part, which is characterized by the presence of some loopholes typical of the military architecture of the time. The tower is about 150 meters from the sea and you can admire it in all its beauty from the perspective of the nearby coastline soaring high as a constant sentinel of this beautiful land, happy vacations from Torre Suda.

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Torre Suda - Racale Torre Suda -  Torre Suda - Racale, spiagge del Salento Torre Suda -  Torre Suda - Racale, spiagge del Salento

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Torre Suda - Racale

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