Torre del Ricco


The Torre del Ricco is a 16th-century tower that is part of the complex system of coastal towers erected in the mid-16th century to defend the Salento coast from the constant invasions of Saracen pirates. We are in the municipality of Corsano, in the province of Lecce, and this tower, of which only a few ruins remain, stood on the eastern coast of Salento, on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The Torre del Ricco communicated to the north with Torre Specchia Grande and to the south with the Torre del Porto di Novaglie and overlooked a rock overlooking the sea. The surrounding landscape is typical Mediterranean scrubland with the presence of classic wild onions, thyme and rosemary. The vegetation seems to completely engulf this ruin that once long ago represented a system of sighting and defense for the local populations. Through some research we realize how the Torre del Ricco appeared in a circular shape at the base and then was divided by a curb and took a different shape towards the end; even if little or nothing remains of this tower the roots and history it represents deserve to be mentioned and analyzed as a place of respectable historical and architectural interest and that, in its present state, is reflected in the blue of the beautiful surrounding landscape that only the Adriatic Sea can offer. So if you are passing through these parts do not forget a due salute to the Torre del Ricco.... happy vacations

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