Torre Vado

Torre Vado - Morciano di Leuca

Torre Vado is a coastal tower in the Salento region built during the 16th century to cope with the constant raids of Saracen pirates who raged the coast in those years. The tower communicated to the south Torre San Gregorio with while to the north with Torre Pali; at present Torre Vado is completely restored and is privately owned. With a circular base and developed in two floors with several windows and loopholes, this characteristic tower stands as a constant sentinel along the picturesque stretch of coastline and can be admired in all its beauty from the perspective of the sea side. Today Torre Vado is considered an important historical and cultural heritage of Apulia, as well as a popular tourist destination for the beauty and suggestiveness of the place.

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Torre Vado - Morciano di Leuca

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