Isola della Malva

Porto Cesareo

Isola della Malva (Mallow Island) is a tiny islet located in Porto Cesareo in the province of Lecce; we find ourselves along a beautiful stretch of coastline characterised by stretches of fine white beach and a crystal-clear blue sea, and the Isola della Malva rises a few metres from the nearby Torre Chianca. Isola della Malva (Mallow Island) owes its name to this plant that grows wild all over the islet and characterises its beauty along with all the natural aspect that this wonderful islet represents. Isola della Malva (Mallow Island) is easily reached by swimming from the nearby coastline and looks like a corner of paradise on earth; this strip of land offers a few sandy spots alternating with stretches of fairly low and practicable cliffs, as well as the green of the typical Mediterranean scrub that grows wild almost everywhere along this islet, and the mallow that gives it its name. At first glance, the whole environment represents the classic deserted island lost in an azure sea, with its unspoilt nature, white sandy seabed and the ever-present herring gull, the undisputed owner of this picturesque island. If you should ever drop in, motor boats pass just the right distance from the Isola della Malva, the sea is shallow for some stretches and the seabed lends itself marvellously to snorkelling so that you can discover the exciting play of light reflected in this beautiful sea. The stretch of coastline in question is quite busy in the height of summer; we are talking about one of the most populated places in the Salento summer with a massive concentration of lidos, accommodation facilities, docks and boats of all types. Wonders, however, of a Salento all to be visited and photographed for a magical summer. Happy holidays.

Last update: 01/02/2023, Tonio Viva

Foto Isola della Malva

Porto Cesareo

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Porto Cesareo

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SP359, 73048 - Boncore, Nardo’ (Le)
+ 39 334 225 9712

Hotel Conte Salentino

Contrada Abate Cola, 73048, Porto Cesareo (Le)
+39 0833 182 0530

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