Astor Beach

Fontanelle - Ugento

Astor Beach is a bathing establishment located in the locality of Fontanelle, near Torre San Giovanni, a marina that is part of the municipality of Ugento in the province of Lecce. The Astor Beach is part of the Hotel Club Astor of the same name, which is immersed in a beautiful environmental context among white sand dunes that embrace the blue of a spectacular sea for the joy and relaxation of the lido"s guests who can enjoy a well-deserved day at the beach. Astor Beach has well-positioned umbrellas and sunbeds, a corner bar for your favorite drinks to sip comfortably while lying under your umbrella, and staff who guarantee maximum availability. Connected about 200 meters away, the Hotel Club Astor completes the service package with a swimming pool, wellness center, entertainment and restaurant. The beach represents the real strong point of the Astor Beach, expanses of fine white sand color the entire stretch of coastline, the sea maintains a shallow depth for long stretches and is therefore ideal for families with children; so much tranquility signed Salento, have a good summer.

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Fontanelle - Ugento Astor Beach -  Fontanelle - Ugento, spiagge del Salento Astor Beach -  Fontanelle - Ugento, spiagge del Salento

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