Grotta Sfondata


The Grotta Sfondata, so called due to the fact that as a result of a collapse the vault above came completely missing thus producing a particular effect of the cave itself, is located at a beautiful bay, surrounded by unspoiled nature with spontaneous stretches of Mediterranean scrub and native vegetation. We are on the outskirts of Otranto, far from the hustle and bustle that occurs in almost all the tourist towns of Salento every year in the height of the summer season; and this place conveys a sense of absolute relaxation and primitive enjoyment if one takes into account the surrounding environment and the beauty that characterizes this corner of paradise. The peculiarity of Grotta Sfondata is perceived by looking at it from above, perhaps through a drone and photographing that special attraction and charm that is reproduced with this beautiful blue hole represented by the sea surrounded by the green of the surrounding nature. An indescribable spectacle that fills with emotion thousands of travelers who every year intrigued by this unique natural phenomenon decide to visit this place; everything takes on the appearance of a large natural open-air pool and the visual impact is guaranteed. This is Salento, a magical and wonderful land that always reserves hidden surprises and when you believe or have the presumption to know it in its complexity here you exclaim, I missed this! Have a great summer from Otranto"s Grotta Sfondata.

Last Updated: 20/01/2023, Tonio Viva

Foto Grotta Sfondata

Otranto Grotta Sfondata -  Otranto, spiagge del Salento Grotta Sfondata -  Otranto, spiagge del Salento