Il Molo is a bathing establishment located in Castro Marina in the province of Lecce. This lido rises on a stretch of coast characterized by cliffs and small fjords that draw a beautiful landscape; the sea is deep almost immediately and is ideal for snorkeling and also admiring the beautiful plays of light that are produced between the bright backdrops and the cracks of the rocks, but taking advantage of it for a healthy and regenerating swim is not bad either. The Pier has all the necessary comforts to ensure that your day at the beach is one of relaxation and tranquility; the facility is laid out along wooden platforms, and the umbrellas and sunbeds are arranged at just the right distance to maintain that privacy that is necessary, especially in the height of summer. From here there is a picturesque view with some sailboats crossing the sea as we breathe that summer air that fills our hearts with rich emotions. The place is nice if you want to spend a day at the beach in the company of nice people, the Molo also offers a range of traditional Salento dishes through the kitchen and the bar offers a range of drinks and cocktails to sip comfortably lying on a sun lounger while we get warmed by the hot summer sun. The Pier also organizes evenings with live music and DJ sets to enliven the Salento nights. Positive feelings and vacation cravings from the Castro Marina Pier ... enjoy your stay.

Last Updated: 14/12/2022, Tonio Viva

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