Castro, a splendid town positioned on the Adriatic Sea, borders Marina di Marittima, Diso to the south and Porto Miggiano, Santa Cesarea Terme to the north. Predominantly rocky in nature Castro is surrounded by enchanting high cliffs. This beautiful town is rich in natural inlets and caves, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the Zinzulusa Cave.

12 Beaches of Castro

beaches of Salento
Grotta della Zinzulusa

Salento, Castro: The Zinzulusa Cave is the most important cave in Salento, as well as being the most visited with thousands of tourists who decide to undertake this wonderful experience every year. The Zinzulusa Cave is located along the southeastern coast of Salento, specifically between the marina of Castro and Santa Cesarea Terme, and overlooks the Adriatic Sea. We are talking about one of the most fascinating stretches of coastline in Salento, here where the surrounding landscape blends with the beauty of nature trails, a crystal clear blue sea and a whole tourism organization that has been proven for years. These are the areas where the most renowned discos of the Salento coast are located, Castro is a shining gem set among these suggestive cliffs as well as Santa Cesarea Terme represents a destination above all for thermal tourism thanks to the chlorinated, sulfurous and iodine waters of the various springs in this territory. Thus, we are about to describe a stretch of coastline that has almost magical and fairy-tale qualities in revealing itself as an undisputed area of beauty and charm; and the Grotta della Zinzulusa fits masterfully into this context, representing one of the most famous anchialine (i.e., near the sea) caves in southern Italy. The formation of the cave, which occurred by marine erosion can be traced back to the Pliocene period, and its discovery dates back to 1793, although the first studies began in the 1950s with its opening to the public in 1957. The Grotta della Zinzulusa already sees the presence of stalactites and stalagmites from its entrance, and it is to this characteristic that it owes its name, from the local dialect zinzuli which means rags, and the whole environment looks precisely like rags hanging on the walls. The Cave of the Zinzulusa is a true miracle of nature that over the centuries has been able to give life to a rock formation of such beauty; words are wasted and do not render the idea of the magnificence of this cave, the only valid alternative is to visit it live and be attracted and engulfed by the emotions that the Cave of the Zinzulusa manages to give. The visit to the cave lasts about thirty minutes for a path about 150 meters long, the ticket costs 6 euros for adults and 3 euros for children over 11 years old. The cave can also be reached by boat with several organized excursions. Have fun and happy summer from the Zinzulusa Cave.

beaches of Salento
Lido la Sorgente

Salento, Castro: The Lido La Sorgente is located in Castro Marina in the province of Lecce, and stands on a beautiful and characteristic stretch of coastline made wide of cliffs that blend with the surrounding nature and a crystal clear sea. This facility offers all the necessary comforts so that your day at the beach will be one of relaxation and tranquility. The umbrellas and sunbeds are placed at the right distance to maintain the privacy of customers especially in high season, a series of changing cabins in addition to hot and cold water showers. The lido La Sorgente is as if set in a beautiful bay, the location is really striking, placed in a central area of Castro and access to the sea is guaranteed by a series of artificial platforms to get to the water safely. The sea becomes deep almost immediately, and the wonderful seabed lends itself gladly to those who love snorkeling and going to discover the characteristic inlets present in this area. The La Sorgente Lido also has a kiosk bar for your favorite drinks to enjoy comfortably lying on your sunbed admiring a beautiful view. Summer is just around the corner what are you waiting for...the La Sorgente lido is in Castro Marina...have a great vacation.

beaches of Salento
Porto di Enea

Salento, Castro: Apulia is a variegated region with kilometers of coastline all to be discovered, this land represents a unique richness made up of culture linked to the territory, historical and architectural beauties, the blue and transparent sea, the sun that pleasantly colors our summer tan and the surrounding landscape that leaves the traveler who decides to spend a few days in these remote corners of Italy speechless. Salento specifically preserves with extreme jealousy much of this heritage and Castro Marina is the maximum representation of it, representing the result of a quality tourism aimed at safeguarding above all the characteristics of the territory. I have an enormous difficulty in describing this stretch of coastline and the wonders of a place like Castro Marina precisely because first, it is difficult to find the words to give the right dimensions to the reality that surrounds us, and second, my precious advice is to live firsthand the experiences of this place to gather the emotions that only the air and breath of Castro Marina can convey. Strolling along this stretch of coast as if by magic, it will not be difficult to come across the Port of Aeneas, a magnificent example of a well-kept port that rises in a characteristic inlet. In the height of the summer season the port fills up with tourists and vacationers who decide to spend a day at the beach in Castro Marina, or if you prefer, the Pearl of Salento, as it has been called for years now. The water in the Port of Aeneas is clear and transparent and maintains an all-too shallow depth so it is ideal even for families with children. You may be wondering why the name Port of Aeneas, well among the various theses about which beach Virgil wanted to make his Aeneas arrive following the Trojan War, the most credited certainly remains the coast of Castro Marina for its characteristic promontory and some details reported precisely in the famous book and that suggests it is precisely the port of Castro the desired land.

beaches of Salento
Grotta Palombara

Salento, Castro: Salento is a marvelous land, kilometers of coastline from west to east all with specific characteristics, ranging from the golden beaches with high dunes covered in Mediterranean scrub to the steep cliffs that fall sheer to the sea, from the crystal clear and transparent water that characterizes much of this territory to end with the beautiful inlets, bays or tiny gulfs that enclose the beauties of an enchanted landscape. In the last described features fits right into Castro Marina, a pretty town that springs up on the southeastern side of Salento and overlooks the imposing Adriatic Sea. This stretch of coast seems like a graceful embroidery executed by Mother Nature, the blue of the waters is reflected among the ravines and sea cavities that characterize this place, and one among all the Palombara Cave, a typical example of a sea cave deserves all our attention. Grotta Palombara can be reached by swimming or through the various boats that organize excursions during the summer season.This cave is very wide and deep, as is the sea that surrounds it, and was formed over the centuries as a result of the collapse of the walls above. The typical green of the Mediterranean scrub draws the upper parts while the entrance looks almost like that of a theater with curtains tied to delimit the entrance (in fact, it is not for nothing that it is also called Cave with Curtains). The name Grotta Palombara would derive from the fact that pigeons (palombi in the local dialect) would have found the right environment for nesting in the past, thanks mainly to the presence of freshwater springs dripping from the walls. Today this cave represents one of the many tourist destinations of the beautiful Castro Marina; for snorkeling enthusiasts, the seabed is ideal for exploring the different inlets or admiring the beautiful play of light reflected between the cracks of this characteristic cliff. Positive sensations, the freshness of a beautiful sea, the sun that in summer burns and warms our emotions what more could you ask for from a vacation... the Palombara Cave is in Castro Marina... enjoy your stay.

beaches of Salento
Grotta Azzurra

Salento, Castro: Grotta Azzurra is located in Castro Marina in the province of Lecce. We are in the Lower Salento along that stretch of coast characterized by low cliffs, beautiful inlets and numerous sea cavities that face the Adriatic Sea. Here the water turns out to be deep almost immediately, and for diving enthusiasts looking for adrenaline rushes this place lends itself gladly with several thrill stations. Grotta Azzurra can only be reached by boat so steep and capricious is the cliff that it cannot be accessed by land; this cave owes its name to the wonderful play of light that reflects with the sea so that the waters take on a cobalt blue color, and the glimpse one gets when visiting this beautiful cave is really full of amazing emotions and sensations. Grotta Azzurra is just a few hundred meters from the more famous Grotta Zinzulusa, and can be visited either by renting a local boat or by booking one of the many excursions that are organized in the summer and take advantage of the beauty of these coasts. Little recommended certainly to beach lovers we must however emphasize the charm of these places with the promontories of Castro Alta that can be admired from the sea, with the wind gently caressing our summer desires as at the speed of a few knots we cross this evocative stretch of coast. Salento, like the whole of Puglia, is beautiful also for this reason, because it satisfies every desire and offers the passing visitor corners of paradise to experience and enjoy in the right dimension. Happy vacations from Grotta Azzurra.

beaches of Salento
Grotta Romanelli

Salento, Castro: Grotta Romanelli is one of the many sea caves along the Salento coast, and one that sees a greater concentration especially on the southeastern side of the Salento, along that stretch of coast from Santa Maria di Leuca and so up the coast northward to Castro Marina, the natural home of Grotta Romanelli. The cave is just 35 meters long and consists of a single chamber clearly visible from the outside; Grotta Romanelli can only be reached by sea and its entrance is forbidden. This stretch of coastline offers different insights to those who love to experience the sea with all its specificities, the seabed is rich in every animal and plant species that inhabit the depths of these blue and transparent waters, and the play of light that is reflected through the recesses of the caves and the cracks in the rocks represent a beautiful spectacle all to be experienced. There is certainly no boredom if there is a lack of golden beaches in some parts of Salento, the freshness of the sea that only the cliffs can give us turns out to be as sparkling as it is regenerating for our bodies, and all this thanks to the different freshwater currents present along this coastal stretch. Grotta Romanelli turns out to be important in terms of the history of prehistoric studies because with its discovery the presence of the Upper Paleolithic in Italy was ascertained; having said that I do not want to bore you too much with historical studies and related researches that are superfluous to our description, Castro Marina is a gem set among the beauty of an enchanting landscape and the Romanelli Cave, together with the wonderful sea that surrounds it is the direct testimony so, if you are planning your next vacation and you have doubts about the different destinations take a look at Salento and Castro specifically... happy vacations.

beaches of Salento
Grotta delle Streghe

Salento, Castro: When we talk about a magical and fairy-tale Salento, we refer mainly to the stories (cunti in Lecce dialect) told by the elderly or by our grandparents who, to pass the time in front of a pot boiling under the fireplace, entertained the youngest with tales of all kinds at a time when TV was only turned on for the news and smart devices had not yet invaded our minds. It was a "time when people measured time well and certainly did not let themselves be overwhelmed by the daily whirlwind that nowadays pervades the lives of each of us always in search of the constant speed that must distinguish our every single choice. Well, the Cave of Witches fits into this particular context, a very special sea cavity that over time has taken on a multitude of meanings related to the shape of the entrance or the rocks inside the cave that willingly lend themselves to strange human likenesses , and especially the tales that have been passed down from grandmother to granddaughter and so on. The Grotta delle Streghe is located on the coast road that connects the port of Castro to the marina of Miggiano, in the province of Lecce. We are on the southeastern side of Salento, along a stretch of coast characterized by wide cliffs that draw characteristic inlets and a multitude of small and large caves to represent a beautiful landscape. At the Grotta delle Streghe, the sea is blue and deep, and these waters are ideal for those who love snorkeling and exploring the most striking corners of this stretch of coastline. The only way to reach the Grotta delle Streghe would be to rent a boat and embark on a nice tour along the entire Castro Marina, taking advantage of it to also admire the beautiful view that this town offers looking at it from the sea; in the middle of the summer, moreover, several excursions are organized by the various associations that also provide a guide to discover all the caves of Castro Marina. So between fairy tale myths, natural beauty of the place, a sea that invites for a gentle relaxing swim, the sun that warms our body for a perfect tan and the witches who stay to watch welcome to Salento ... and happy vacations.

Il Sestante Sporting Club

Salento, Castro: The Sestante Sporting Club is a nautical club located on the coast road to Tricase, in Castro Marina in the province of Lecce. This stretch of coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea is characterized by wide cliffs and beautiful hidden coves that make this landscape unique. The water immediately becomes deep and the beauty of this sea is immediately apparent to our eyes through the deep blue and typical clarity. The Sestante Sporting Club is specifically involved in promoting the area through a series of events and manifestations that focus on water sports but also on the preservation and promotion of the local artistic and cultural heritage. The location is very striking and elegant, surrounded by greenery it offers a beautiful view with a breathtaking panorama and several stations from which to relax perhaps drinking your favorite drink. The facility also organizes several evenings in the company of beautiful people with music and entertainment for members and guests who also decide to spend a few hours in this beautiful place. The Sestante Sporting Club is located in Castro Marina--have a great summer.


Salento, Castro: Il Molo is a bathing establishment located in Castro Marina in the province of Lecce. This lido rises on a stretch of coast characterized by cliffs and small fjords that draw a beautiful landscape; the sea is deep almost immediately and is ideal for snorkeling and also admiring the beautiful plays of light that are produced between the bright backdrops and the cracks of the rocks, but taking advantage of it for a healthy and regenerating swim is not bad either. The Pier has all the necessary comforts to ensure that your day at the beach is one of relaxation and tranquility; the facility is laid out along wooden platforms, and the umbrellas and sunbeds are arranged at just the right distance to maintain that privacy that is necessary, especially in the height of summer. From here there is a picturesque view with some sailboats crossing the sea as we breathe that summer air that fills our hearts with rich emotions. The place is nice if you want to spend a day at the beach in the company of nice people, the Molo also offers a range of traditional Salento dishes through the kitchen and the bar offers a range of drinks and cocktails to sip comfortably lying on a sun lounger while we get warmed by the hot summer sun. The Pier also organizes evenings with live music and DJ sets to enliven the Salento nights. Positive feelings and vacation cravings from the Castro Marina Pier ... enjoy your stay.

Lido Roccia

Salento, Castro: Lido Roccia is a bathing establishment that is part of the hotel of the same name and is located in Castro Marina on the southeastern side of Salento, in the province of Lecce. This facility stands on a very picturesque cliff from which there is a beautiful view and is spread out on wooden platforms with safe accesses to the sea. White umbrellas and sunbeds characterize this bathing establishment that offers all the comforts you need for your day at the beach. The Roccia Lido is reserved for guests of La Roccia Hotel who benefit from a range of services aimed at meeting the needs of guests for a turnkey vacation. The Lido Roccia also has a kitchen inside the hotel that provides guests with a range of seafood dishes typical of Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant is also open to outsiders. So if you are planning your next vacation and do not have much desire to look for the various solutions to fit together the Lido Roccia is the one for you, for a complete stay from all points of view...have a good summer from Castro Marina.

Pizzo Mucurune

Salento, Castro: Pizzo Mucurune is a high rocky ridge overlooking the sea of Castro Marina in the province of Lecce. This small promontory overlooking the imposing Adriatic Sea represents a unique beauty, covered with the green of the typical Mediterranean scrub and with the rocky walls that shelter from windy days the inside of this entire beautiful inlet. The sea becomes deep after a few strokes and the water maintains that crystal-clear appearance that characterizes most of the waters along this stretch of coast, Castro Marina having been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag award several times in the past. From here there is a really emotionally charged panorama, nice to be caressed by that soft breeze that blows constantly during summer days, and the different vantage point with the beautiful view of Castro will fully repay the decision to have spent even a few hours at Pizzo Mucurune. This place is ideal especially for those who love to walk in total relaxation in the company of the surrounding nature and savoring the scents of a Salento all to be experienced in the depths of the sensations it continually gives us. Timeless beauties and glimpses of a landscape all to be immortalized with your favorite selfie to keep among the memories of a beautiful Salento summer ... happy vacations from Pizzo Mucurune.

Torre Diso

Salento, Castro: Torre Diso is located in the municipality of Castro in the province of Lecce; we are on the southeastern side of Salento, on that stretch of coast characterized mostly by cliffs that faces the Adriatic Sea. Torre Diso is part of that complex defensive and sighting project of coastal towers erected during the 16th century to defend the local populations from the continuous raids of the Saracen pirates that raged the Salento coasts in those years. Torre Diso takes its name from the nearby town of Diso and stands on a cliff about 40 meters above sea level. Torre Diso communicated to the south with Torre Capo di Lupo and to the north with the fortifications of Castro; today this ancient tower is now reduced to a ruin, a pile of stones swallowed up by the dense vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, until it almost merges with the surrounding landscape. The roots of a land certainly cannot be erased and Torre Diso remains over time an example of historical testimony even if little or nothing remains of a distant past now gone. However, from the perspective of Torre Diso there is an excellent view, although the land today, it must be remembered, falls under private property. Have a good summer from Torre Diso.