Pai Beach

Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò

Pai Beach is a bathing establishment located in Santa Maria al Bagno a marina in the municipality of Nardó in the province of Lecce. The lido is developed on a stretch of coastline famous for its characteristic cliffs and the transparent and particularly cool sea due to the various freshwater currents present that make your every single dive exciting. Pai Beach is a facility consisting of a wooden platform that rests on the cliffs. It is a newly designed lido with comfortable lounge chairs, the location is very nice and it is easy to get there and park. The lido offers various services ranging from classic umbrellas and sunbeds to showers, from the privèe to spend pleasant hours in the company of your partner perhaps sipping a glass of sparkling wine, to the restaurant service with the best proposals of traditional Salento dishes. The structure through comfortable platforms with stairs facilitates access to the sea in the most comfortable way possible. Take advantage of it even if only to enjoy a drink while watching the wonderful sunset of the sun fading into the sea, this is Pai Beach.

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