Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò

Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò

Santa Maria al Bagno is a town in the marina of Nardò in the province of Lecce. Santa Maria al Bagno is bordered to the north by Santa Caterina while to the south by Lido Conchiglie, Sannicola. The Salento town overlooking the Ionian Sea is literally taken by storm by tourists in the summer season for its beautiful cliffs.

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Spiaggia Santa Maria al Bagno

Salento, Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò: Santa Maria al Bagno Beach is a small stretch of free beach located in the center of the town of the same name, a marina falling within the municipality of Nardò located on the coast road leading south, a few kilometers from Gallipoli. The Beach of Santa Maria al Bagno is located right in the main square of this pretty town, the sand is very limited and not very soft, on the other hand the sea is of an enviable crystalline blue, the water remains shallow for long stretches and the presence of some rocks scattered a bit everywhere certainly does not hinder a refreshing bath during the summer heat, also to respect the same invitation put in place in the name of this locality. Being in the center of town, it will not be difficult to find a bar nearby for your needs, the beach is frequented in the middle of summer especially by local families because of the convenience of being reached on foot. It"s worth a visit and refreshment if you are in these parts.... have a good summer in Santa Maria al Bagno.

beaches of Salento
Le Quattro Colonne

Salento, Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò: Travelling along the coastal road that connects Santa Maria al Bagno to Gallipoli it is difficult not to come across the Quattro Colonne, once part of a,unique fortress present in sheet 22 of the geographic atlas of the Kingdom of Naples 1788-1812 with the name Torre del Fiume and with the purpose of protecting against Saracen invasions. Then, it is not known why although the most accepted hypothesis is that of a telluric event, there was the collapse of the central part of the Tower sparing the four fortified bastions hence the name the Four Columns. Today this important historical monument is the ideal location for ceremonies of various kinds as it is the site of a restaurant. This stretch of coastline is characterized by low cliffs and the crystal blue sea maintains an atypical freshness certainly due to the various freshwater currents present. Ideal for those who love snorkeling but also for a healthy swim, the seabed represents the main attraction of Quattro Colonne so if you pass by these parts a dip is not to be denied...have a good summer!

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La Reggia di Galatone

Salento, Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò: The Reggia di Galatone is a stretch of reef located in Santa Maria al Bagno a marina in the municipality of Nardó in Puglia. The place is a true piece of paradise, for cliff lovers where the sea immediately becomes deep for your favorite dives and the water constantly maintains that unusual freshness even on days of extreme heat this place represents a real gem, ideal for your days at the beach. Perhaps not recommended for families with children for obvious reasons the Reggia di Galatone is a real gem for those who love snorkeling to discover a seabed all to visit or even simply for a swim among the blue sea and let the waves massage you. This is an enchanting place you only have to choose a rock lay your towel on it and relaxation is guaranteed; have a great summer at the Reggia di Galatone

beaches of Salento
Montagna Spaccata

Salento, Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardò: The split mountain is encountered while driving along the coast road that connects Santa Maria al Bagno to Gallipoli, Puglia. This characteristic rock that falls into the sea is split into two parts and is crossed in full by the provincial road hence the name Split Mountain. The place is a true wonder, a stretch of coastline characteristic for its wide cliffs and crystal blue sea. Perhaps not really suitable for families looking for the comforts of the lido perhaps with children in tow, the Split Mountain nevertheless remains a respectable stop if you come to Salento, a dip in these cool waters will fully repay your decision to stop even for a moment for a selfie to be immortalized and enclose it among the most precious memories ... the magic of these places ... this is Salento.

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