Punta dell Aspide

Santa Caterina - Nardo

Punta dell"Aspide is a promontory that stretches along the Ionian coast of Salento in the municipality of Nardò, in the province of Lecce. We are in Santa Caterina, a small marina that in the middle of summer fills up with tourists and vacationers looking for a quiet corner where they can enjoy a well-deserved day at the beach; not very far from the coast and a little further inland from the city center, this evocative and lonely area is characterized by the green of the typical Mediterranean scrub that grows a little bit everywhere almost marking the whole surrounding area that sees the presence of Aleppo pines embracing part of the native vegetation. From the top of the Punta dell"Aspide there is a marvelous panorama, admiring the whole of the marina below one feels that sense of detachment and pleasure that increases and stimulates that proper relaxation, especially noticeable in the height of summer when much of the entire Ionian coast is stormed by cars congesting normal circulation. The whole area comprising the hinterland of Santa Caterina is still little known; for lovers of trekking and nature trails, the Punta dell"Aspide offers interesting cues worthy of being beaten and explored; in close contact with unspoiled nature and away from the sound of car horns your mood can only benefit thanks to a relaxing regenerating walk. A lively tip not to be underestimated might be to stop and contemplate a colorful sunset while watching the sun gently disappear over the horizon, have a good summer at St. Catherine"s.

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Foto Punta dell Aspide

Santa Caterina - Nardo

Salentissimo.it: Punta dell Aspide -  Santa Caterina - Nardo, spiagge del Salento

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Santa Caterina - Nardo

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