Riviera degli Haethey


Otranto is a diamond that shines brightly from any perspective you look at it; this stretch of coastline washed by the Adriatic Sea represents one of the many tourist attractions this town offers to the traveler intrigued by the eternal beauty of these places. The Haethey Riviera, named after an ancient people from the Balkans, lies just north of Otranto and has all the typical characteristics of this wonderful stretch of coastline. These areas are all a succession of stretches of white and golden beach alternating with beautiful inlets surrounded by a sea so transparent that you can see your reflection in it, and the Riviera degli Haethey is the most obvious representation of this with very clear water; the sea is shallow for long stretches so parents can let their children play in peace, and the place is quite crowded in the middle of summer being just a few minutes from the city center. A natural landscape from which to enjoy every single moment of your day at the beach, have a good summer from Otranto.

Last Updated: 18/01/2023, Tonio Viva

Foto Riviera degli Haethey


Salentissimo.it: Riviera degli Haethey -  Otranto, spiagge del Salento
Salentissimo.it: Riviera degli Haethey -  Otranto, spiagge del Salento

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