Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo

The town of Porto Cesareo, lying between Torre Lapillo to the north and the marina of Sant"Isidoro to the south, overlooks the Ionian Sea. It has several beaches of fine white sand, and bathing establishments alternate with stretches of free beaches. In the southernmost part of Porto Cesareo the rocks take over from the sand.

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beaches of Salento
Elios Lido

Salento, Porto Cesareo: The Elios Lido is located in Porto Cesareo in a natural inlet between white sand and low cliffs. The stretch of beach is wide and well maintained and the blue sea is quite shallow so let your children play in peace. The Elios Lido is equipped with bar service, umbrellas, sunbeds and everything you need to make your stay relaxing and comfortable. From the Elios lido you can also admire the island of Malva and Torre Chianca, part of a complex of 16th-century coastal towers typical feature of the entire Salento coast. The Elios Lido is well stocked and great for spending your summer vacation here!

beaches of Salento
Scalo di Furno

Salento, Porto Cesareo: The free beach Scalo di Furno is a stretch of beach located between the lido Le Dune and the Hotel Blu, about 15 minutes from the center of Porto Cesareo, the first stretch of beach we encounter is called Primo Ponte by the locals because of the presence of a small bridge that then flows into a fairly visible gully used for reclaimed water. This channel then ends in a stretch of rock called precisely Scalo di Furno. The golden sand and the crystal clear sea offer the right union and make Scalo di Furno a wonderful place for your vacation, very busy in the middle of summer the sea is quite shallow at the beginning ideal for families with children and therefore relaxation and good stay.

beaches of Salento
Isola dei Conigli

Salento, Porto Cesareo: Isola dei Conigli or Isola Grande is a small island that is located a few meters from Porto Cesareo, with an uncontaminated environment and an ecosystem that deserves all our attention in addition to due environmental protection, Isola dei Conigli is still a popular destination for hundreds of tourists who visit it every year in the height of summer in search of a corner of tranquility surrounded by green nature in a mixture of golden beach and wide cliffs. The Rabbit Island can be reached through the various boats that are located on the Riviera di Ponente (near the Jousts) that perform precisely the boat service to the island or, for the most reckless (I"ll let you in on a little secret do not blame me the friends of Porto Cesareo who every summer devote themselves to the boat to the island service) the island can also be reached on foot by going down into the water from the Lungomare di Ponente side (in front of the ice cream shop il Principe), from there the water remains almost shallow ... at most it will come up to your navel for a relaxing walk to precisely the island. So ... let"s take this short virtual tour also because I don"t seem to have seen the Google machine on the island lately for a quick mapping. Once we get to the small pier where the various boats dock we get off and through the pine forest we continue to the left for a few dozen meters. The first beach we encounter is just a few meters long, the sand is soft and the water shallow for several meters. The island has this name because years ago there was a large group of rabbits there after years of absence someone decided to repopulate the island by introducing a few pairs of these cute animals so it will not be difficult to spot some. Continuing always from the left side after the small beach here is that the open sea with a low cliff opens to our view... be careful of the waves if you decide to dive, the sea soon becomes deep. After this stretch of reef we find an inlet with a beach a little longer than the previous one quite frequented by tourists in the middle of summer, the sand is soft, maybe a few small stones as well as the water at first shallow becomes deep after a few strokes with a seabed all to visit. Returning back through the central pine forest you will not fail to encounter a small pool of water... attention for the more curious, looking in the sand for some clams you may perhaps come across strange types of green crabs a tad aggressive. Rabbit Island is a paradise on earth take care of it if you come to visit, bring back your garbage bags...nature will thank you.

beaches of Salento
Torre di Porto Cesareo

Salento, Porto Cesareo: The Torre Cesarea is a 16th-century tower in Porto Cesareo that is part of a complex of coastal towers that are the striking feature of the entire Salento area. With a quadrangular shape, it is developed in two single floors communicating with each other and soars with all its beauty in the center of Porto Cesareo in Piazza Nazario Sauro. Currently the headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza headquarters in Porto Cesareo, it has been discussed in the past whether it would not be more appropriate to allocate its use to the Museum of Marine Biology of Porto Cesareo or to other activities aimed at revitalizing its strong tourist vocation. Nevertheless, the Torre Cesarea remains an important historical testimony of coastal defense of past centuries as well as an imposing tourist attraction worthy of note. The Cesarea Tower is there waiting to be photographed...enjoy your stay in Porto Cesareo!

beaches of Salento
Spiaggia di Porto Cesareo

Salento, Porto Cesareo: Porto Cesareo Beach is a stretch of free beach and is located in the center of Porto Cesareo hence the name of the beach. Located to be precise between the restaurant L"Aragosta da Co and the Hotel Paradise the beach is soft in places and in some places small stones mixed with sand stand out. If you are without a beach umbrella, you can seek some shade under the two tall pine trees that tower in the center of the beach. The sea is clean and transparent, quite shallow for long stretches after a little wide expanses of posidonia will begin to caress our feet, for the lucky ones snorkeling you may occasionally encounter small seahorses. The beach, as mentioned, is right in the center so it is not difficult to reach the nearest bar to enjoy some cool drinks and refreshments. Very frequented by locals perhaps a little reduced the presence of tourists it still remains a place to visit.

beaches of Salento
Lu Culacchiu

Salento, Porto Cesareo: The free beach of Lu Culacchiu is located at the entrance to Porto Cesareo coming from Sant"Isidoro. I ignore the etymology of the term; from a brief search the name would refer either to the hind end of some animal or, by extension, the end of a salami or the bottom of a bottle, or likewise a rambling and far-fetched tale. Name aside, the beach is of fine sand mixed with the presence of the ever-present rushes, but no less relaxing and attractive...guarding the beach stands tall the now disused ancient lighthouse of Porto Cesareo. The sea is quite shallow and clean only in some places flat and shallow rocks surface, ideal however for families with children the water still maintains a constantly low height. A coveted destination for locals who live nearby precisely because of its convenience of being reached on foot, a not-so-legal practice turns out to be the permanent presence, even at night, of umbrellas and place markers aimed at reserving a portion of the beach during crowded hours of people. As refreshment facilities behind the beach there is a supermarket with an attached bar for your needs. Worth a visit!

beaches of Salento
L Approdo

Salento, Porto Cesareo: L"Approdo is a free beach located in Porto Cesareo, east of Torre Chianca and bordered by Lido Tabú. L"Approdo is so named because it lies on a small inlet that seems ideal for mooring boats, and this stretch of coast is home to both Lido Sofia and Circolo Nautico L"Approdo. The sand is white and fine and the seabed is stepped so moving away from the shore after a few meters the water becomes deep. This coastal stretch is very popular with those who love snorkeling admiring the beauty of the seabed but also renting a kajack to reach the nearby heart-shaped islet called La Malva and located just in front of Torre Chianca. For diving lovers in this stretch of sea, Roman columns lost during a shipwreck can be admired a few meters from the coast; the area falls under the protection of the Protected Marine Park of Porto Cesareo. The sea retains that classic blue color and is inviting for a healthy swim; the place is very popular in the middle of summer with both tourists and locals. Have a great summer at the Landing.

beaches of Salento
Spiaggia libera delle Dune

Salento, Porto Cesareo: The Dune Free Beach is that stretch of beach located between the two bathing establishments of Le Dune and Tabú in Porto Cesareo in the province of Lecce. This stretch of free beach evokes many memories when, as kids, we used to come on mopeds and then, after parking our two wheels in some corner, we used to climb up these beautiful dunes and running down we used to compete to see who could reach the sea first; memories aside, years later this place has maintained all its beauty and charm thanks mainly to the high sand dunes that have been almost swallowed up by the typical Mediterranean scrub. The Free Beach of the Dunes has a peculiarity that makes it unique from the other beaches of Porto Cesareo in that its width so wide is reminiscent in a certain way of the beaches of Valencia or Barcelona. The beach is beautiful, worth visiting, the sand is soft and deep, and the sea, especially on days when the north wind is blowing, maintains that freshness and transparency that make this part of Salento unique in its kind. The Spiaggia libera delle Dune in the summer is as crowded as ever precisely because it is not very far from the nearby town and during the week it is also easy to find a parking space for your car; for those who do not like to spend a lot of money at a bathing establishment, this is the most popular beach and it is very convenient precisely because on the right there is the Lido Tabú and on the left the Le Dune establishment, easily accessible for a drink or even to listen to some music in the company of beautiful people. The undisputed queens of this stretch of coast are precisely the high sand dunes; in the past they were often targeted by human neglect as people camped there with tents and umbrellas of various kinds and then left remnants of garbage just about everywhere; today with an ordinance of the Municipality of Porto Cesareo the dunes are partly protected, as they should be, from any kind of human activity. It is fine here and you definitely have to be lucky to find the right period since in the middle of summer this stretch of coast is completely taken by storm by that mass tourism that you never get used to. Perhaps June or mid-September represent the best time if you don"t like confusion to visit this wonderful sea with a picture postcard beach; just bring your beach towel and some change for a cool drink, for the rest enjoy the sun, that soft wind that pleasantly caresses our body and those beautiful vacation feelings that only the Free Beach of the Dunes can transmit...have a good summer from Porto Cesareo.

beaches of Salento
Lo scoglio della Malva

Salento, Porto Cesareo: It looks like an atoll in the Pacific, certainly heart-shaped from the images flooding the web in an age of drones and multimedia photos, whatever we want, but the beauty of this simple rock called the Malva as it presents itself live to our eyes transcends the very boundaries of the simple imagination that a photo conveys. We are in Porto Cesareo, on the western side of Salento along a stretch of coast washed by the Ionian Sea and characterized by expanses of soft white sand alternating with high sand dunes engulfed by the green Mediterranean scrub; the sea has colors that change according to the different hours of the day and range from turquoise to deep blue to emerald, iridescent therefore according to the different types of the seabed and the reflections of a sun that beats down hard in the middle of summer. The Scoglio della Malva (Mallow Rock), the smaller brother of the nearby islet also called della Malva (Mallow Rock), represents the first point of arrival for many tourists who swim from the nearby Tabú Lido and decide to reach it to dive and enjoy the unique pleasure of resting on a strip of land surrounded by unspoiled nature. This stretch of coastline is a true corner of paradise and only by experiencing it firsthand can one ascertain and gather the emotions that a natural landscape of rare beauty manages to convey. The area around the Scoglio della Malva (Mallow Rock) is quite busy in the middle of summer and many people also push through the classic pedal boats to look for a corner where they can relax and sunbathe in a wild way lying along small stretches of beach and covered with saltiness. Unique beauties that only Salento can give, have a good summer from Porto Cesareo.

Isola della Malva

Salento, Porto Cesareo: Isola della Malva (Mallow Island) is a tiny islet located in Porto Cesareo in the province of Lecce; we are along a beautiful stretch of coast characterized by stretches of fine white beach and a crystal clear blue sea, and Isola della Malva rises a few meters from the nearby Torre Chianca. Isola della Malva owes its name to this plant that grows wild all along the islet and characterizes its beauty along with all the naturalistic aspect that this wonderful islet represents. The Island of the Mallow is easily accessible by swimming from the nearby coast and looks like a corner of paradise on earth; this tongue of land offers some sandy spots that alternate with stretches of fairly low and practicable cliffs in addition to the green of the typical Mediterranean scrub that grows wild almost everywhere along this islet, and the mallow precisely that determines its name. The whole surrounding environment represents at first glance the classic deserted island lost in an azure sea, with unspoiled nature, white sandy seabed and the ever-present herring gull as the undisputed owner of this picturesque island. If you ever have to drop in, well, the motor boats pass at the right distance from Malva Island, the sea for some stretches turns out to be shallow and the seabed lends itself wonderfully to those who love snorkeling so as to go in search of the exciting play of light reflected in this beautiful sea. The stretch of coastline in question is quite busy at the height of summer, we are talking about one of the most populated places in the Salento summer with a massive concentration of lidos, accommodation facilities, docks and boats of all kinds; so the beauty of this splendid example of an islet is fine but on the deserted and lonely aspect I would go a tad cautious. Wonders however of a Salento all to visit and photograph for a magical summer. Happy vacations.

beaches of Salento
La Strea

Salento, Porto Cesareo: For lovers of trekking from Torre Squillace it is easy to walk to the peninsula of La Strea a strip of land characterized by rich Mediterranean scrub vegetation, part of the Regional Oriented Nature Reserve also called Palude del Conte. La Strea is also called the land between two seas precisely because on one side it overlooks the coast road that connects Sant"Isidoro to Porto Cesareo and is characterized by the presence of a small stretch of golden sand and the sea that is all in all shallow, ideal therefore for families with children, while on the other side it has a wide cliff that faces directly onto the open sea and the water immediately becomes deep. The Strea is a beautiful experience both for its unspoiled nature and for a habitat that contains different species of birds of rare beauty and sees the proliferation of fauna thanks precisely to the low accessibility of the place and the maintenance of certain environmental balances; an amazing peace and tranquility reigns here. Walking some stretches of these suggestive paths among the rushes, the dry stone walls and a long wooden fence to delimit the various areas you will be surprised by how the only human presences are represented by traces of mountain bike wheels or horse dung that have marked their passage; for the rest only a few small green lizards will cross your path ignoring you completely. In the past, human neglect meant that on the Strea was also accessed by cars thus defacing much of this earthly paradise; today this area has been fully recovered and returned to nature. Thanks to the establishment of the Marine Protected Area in some places bathing is absolutely forbidden, and the flora that characterizes this beautiful stretch of Salento coastline includes various species of wild plants including myrtle, sea lily, sea onion, thyme and lentisk. The only way to reach the La Strea peninsula is on foot precisely from Torre Squillace, or by boat. Visiting this wonderful place you will realize for yourself that you are in the presence of a pristine environment take care of it!

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